Guest House Riad La Kahana moroccan cuisine

On 24/10/2015

On request we introduce you to the famous moroccan cuisine with its delicous tadjines, different kinds of cousous, moroccan bread and pastry.

Riad La Kahana visit of an ostrich farm near Marrakech

On 24/10/2015

This morning we visited the bio ostrich and sheep farm of Stefanie and Phillippe which is located not far from Marrakech.  

We assisted a guided visit of the 10 ha farm by Stefanie (Euros 5 per person) and were shown their 50 ostriches and as many sheep in a very pleasant african surrounding. The  farmers goal is the production of Bio meat and leather. Their source of electricy are 50 solar panels

Other inhabitants are three donkeys and several dogs.

This excursion was a very pleasant and relaxing experience and worth repeating.


Guest House Riad La Kahana authentic moroccan

On 24/10/2015

If you are looking for a Guest Guest that gives you a notion of moroccan life that is affordable, clean and where the patrons respect your privacy, the Guest House Riad La Kahana at Marrakech is the place to visit.The famous Square Jama el Fnaa is located 10 minutes walking, through easy to find narrow streets with a lots of nice shops offering Moroccan handicraft.
​Never accept the first price, you must bargain hard. If you don't feel comfortable you have to walk away. Don't be shy.